Carsn. Shares New Details On “General Gentleman” From Anticipated LP Mixed Emotions

American up-and-coming Hip Hop artist Carsn. puts the final touches on his upcoming album Mixed Emotions. The record will be released very soon and will include previously introduced singles “General Gentleman,” “Rip Away,” and “Coupe.” 

“I cannot wait to share these sounds with the world,” says Carsn., who has been working on Mixed Emotions for more than a year. Describing the style of the new record, the Texas native reveals that he prefers to incorporate different genres together, “ I like making all types of music and try not just to confine myself to one genre.”

Experimenting with Southern Pop, Hip Hop, and alternative sounds, Carsn. admits that the more he creates, the faster he improves his musical skills. The rapper is also keen on collaborating with other artists and plans to make it into a studio where he doesn’t have to mix and master his own work, and focus solely on creating.

In a recent interview, Carsn. clarifies the meaning behind “General Gentleman,” saying, “The song is about being a General or in other words being a boss, but all while also being a gentleman at the same time. It’s saying in a way, that during the process of reaching a higher top tier status, you should treat others as a gentleman would. Throughout the song I talk about my experience with this in the form of a past relationship. I envisioned this song being played in a club or in the bar scene when I made it, I wanted to keep it more upbeat.”

Mixed Emotions, which encompasses “General Gentleman,” and many new and never-heard-before songs is set to come out early this year.

 Listen to “Rip Away” & “General Gentleman” here: