Y.K.D. & Numb Chux Join Efforts On Hypnotic Track “Love Language”

Upcoming rapper Y.K.D and fellow artist Numb Chux join efforts on the hypnotic track titled “Love Language.” This incredibly sensual, even erotic song is set to spark mass appeal among both urban music fans and mainstream listeners alike, so much it contains soulful vibes and wonderful deliveries. 

This smooth and soothing track is a full-on display of both artists’ vivid skills and otherworldly talents.  

Y.K.D has lived in different countries, and his music is inspired by many different genres. Born in Ghana but now based in the UK, his music aims to transcend genre norms and provide authentic music that anyone can enjoy. 

With “Love Language,” he has managed to record a brilliant urban hit set to find its audience and introduce his craft in the most graceful ways.

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