Chrisean Rock Breaks Up Tamar Braxton’s Prayer Circle Backstage At Show In New Video

It had been a relatively quiet few days by Chrisean Rock‘s standards leading up to New Year’s Eve. But now she’s being roped back into a tailspin of previous drama from back in November. As the story goes, Chrisean was backstage at one of Tamar Braxton‘s shows in Los Angeles. She was expecting to perform, but when she was told that she wasn’t on the schedule at all a heated altercation sparked. That resulted in Chrisean allegedly assaulting one of Braxton’s backup dancers James Wright and putting him in the hospital.

While Rock denies that the fight ever happened, it’s her word against numerous others who shared their perspectives on the night. Now, a new video acquired by TMZ may shed some light on how tensions first arose backstage at the show. In the clip, Chrisean breaks up a prayer circle being held backstage with Toni Braxton looking particularly upset by the move. They claim that it wasn’t the incident that ultimately led to the fight, though it’s easy to see how it could have contributed to things escalating. Check out the newly shared video below.

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Chrisean Rock On The Night Of James Wright Fight

The most recent drama Chrisean started had to do with Jaidyn Alexis’ new house. Blueface claims that he bought the house for Alexis even though the two are now broken up but Rock refuted that. She claimed that the house wasn’t actually bought but actually just rented. She also claimed it wasn’t even Blue who paid for it. Since then fans have been piecing together any details they can get their hands on trying to find the truth.

Last month, Sexyy Red shared a snippet of a remix of her song “Bow Bow Bow” with Chrisean on it. She took the opportunity to take shots directly at Blueface with her appearance on the track. What do you think of Chrisean Rock breaking up Tamar Braxton’s prayer circle backstage? Do you think it contributed to the alleged fight that broke out later that night? Let us know in the comment section below.

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