Claudia Jordan’s Bikini Photos Spark Lipo Speculation, She Insists She’s All-Natural

Earlier this week, Claudia Jordan took to social media to drop off some photos from her recent trip to Jamaica, but the fun vacay shots have managed to spark some speculation. In several of the photos, the 50-year-old beauty is seen posing in brightly-colored bikinis, flaunting her figure on the beach. It’s undeniable that Jordan looks great in the photos. What some users are doubting, however, is the fact that she’s all-natural.

Various commenters under her posts are accusing her of getting plastic surgery to achieve her killer bod, claiming that there’s no way she got it without some assistance. According to her, however, these rumors are false. She clapped back in the comments section, as well as in a new clip.

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Claudia Jordan Responds To Liposuction Rumors

In the clip, she discusses reading comments speculating on her body, claiming that she’s “never” had liposuction. While she says she hasn’t gotten it done yet, she admits that she’d consider it in the future to reach her body goals. “I would want a refund,” she jokes, “why are y’all saying that?” Jordan continued, explaining that if she had surgery she’d be transparent about it, as she’s known to share almost “too much” of her business. “I’ll let you know if I do it, trust me. If all of a sudden you see me in crop tops all the time, if I didn’t show y’all the workouts, then I had it done.”

“I’m natural, y’all,” she concluded. “Sorry to disappoint y’all that I’m 50 and I’m, you know, I’m still ight. I’ve got some tracks and some lashes, and that’s it.” What do you think of Claudia Jordan’s recent bikini photo sparking rumors that she got plastic surgery? What about her response to the speculation? Do you think she should drop a workout routine? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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