Damon’s Joint effort With The Crushboys Is Doing Some Heavy Damage On YouTube – ‘Hustle With A Purpose’

If you haven’t had the chance to listen and watch Damon’s debut release, “Hustle With A Purpose,” you are missing out! The song is the outcome of a joint effort between Damon and The Crushboys, and over 400K viewers have already watched it. For a debut song, the numbers are quite impressive, but in reality, when you check the song out, it makes total sense that it is already gathering so many people. Thanks to Damon’s professional background, the young artist has built a track with a message. Empowering students and everybody else to focus on the values that truly matter for leading a successful life, hard work, persistence, and once the tough efforts have been made, some fun never hurts. Another key point Damon outlines in the lyrics of “Hustle With A Purpose” is the importance to have a thick skin when it comes to other people’s opinion regarding us, and the ability to not pay attention to the negative. Overall, this is a fantastic first joint by a really talented artist and a wonderful human being. 


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