DDG Trolls Elijah Schaffer After He Calls Halle Bailey Ugly

DDG is trolling Elijah Schaffer and his dead mother after the podcaster compared the rapper’s girlfriend Halle Bailey to E.T. and called her ugly.

DDG Trolls Elijah Schaffer’s Dead Mother After Podcaster Compares Halle Bailey to E.T.

On Monday (March 4), conservative podcaster Elijah Schaffer hopped on X, formerly known as Twitter, to post a picture of Halle Bailey, DDG’s girlfriend and the mother of his child, comparing her to the 1982 film E.T.

“When exactly did Hollywood become flooded with ugly people?” Schaffer wrote alongside a photo of Bailey. The podcaster then shared a photo of the fictional alien E.T., adding, “The new Lil Mermaid actress.”

DDG got wind of the disrespect and immediately began trolling Schaffer by making fun of his dead mother, who reportedly passed away from cancer in 2020.

“I’m smoking on yo dead a** mama,” DDG wrote on X alongside a photo of Elijah and his mom. “That dumb b***h should have got a better doctor LMFAO.”

DDG followed up the trolling by posting a photo of him hitting a blunt with Elijah’s mom photoshopped onto the burning end of it.

“Ngl this s**t gas,” DDG added.

Elijah then retweeted a compilation of screenshots of DDG’s tweets, proving he’s seen DDG’s response.

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DDG and Halle Bailey Are Proud Parents of a Baby Boy Named Halo

DDG coming to his lover’s defense comes after he and Bailey confirmed the birth of their son Halo in January. The couple celebrated the moment by sharing a photo of their newborn son on their Instagram page. In the pic, DDG and Halle are holding their baby’s hand which is wearing a gold bracelet with his name on it.

“My biggest blessing by far [baby boy and red heart emojis] son son.. never been so in love [teary eyed] baby halo,” DDG wrote in his IG post.

Their baby news came after fans had speculated for months that Halle and DDG were expecting a child.

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See DDG troll Elijah Schaffer’s dead mother below.

See DDG Troll Elijah Scahffer’s Dead Mother After Podcaster Called Halle Bailey Ugly

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