Drake Offered To Pay Off A Fan’s Mom’s Six-Figure Mortgage At His Latest Show


Drake’s It’s All A Blur — Big As The What? tour is turning out to be almost as lucrative for fans as it has been for Drake himself. A few weeks ago Drake told one St. Louis attendee that he’d pay for their surgery. “I don’t know what kind of surgery you need, sir,” he said. “From me to you, St. Louis love, we gonna take care of whatever the surgery is.”

In his latest burst of generosity, Drake offered to pay off another fan’s mortgage at his Saturday (March 2) stop in Kansas City. The fan threw the letter onstage, and when Drake stopped to read it, he was so touched, he agreed to pay the balance, despite it being six figures (which, to be fair, Drake could cover with just his gambling winnings, let alone how much he earns on merch, endorsements, and of course, music).

“You said, ‘[Pay] off my mom’s house, rest in peace,’” he read. “Your mom passed away? Alright. And you owe … Oh, this is the outstanding balance right here. This is a lot of money right here.” That didn’t stop him for making the offer after a moment’s consideration. It isn’t the first time Drake’s given a fan a six-figure sum. He also gifted a Nashville concertgoer $100,000 for completing chemotherapy, which they announced via a sign in the crowd.

Drake’s latest tour has been fairly eventful so far. He debuted a controversial new look, admitted he isn’t quite ready to take the break he promised, surprised fans in Louisville with appearances from MGK and Doe Boy, and even rapped to his mom in Madison Square Garden.