Diddy Has More Victims Who Couldn’t Come Forward, Aubrey O’Day Claims

Former Diddy protégé Aubrey O’Day has continued to speak out against the Bad Boy records producer. “I got fired 4 being ‘promiscuous’ on national TV. Not only false, but y’all know now that man loves promiscuity. So why did I really get fired? Y’all already know. And as talented as I was, the only job opportunity I was offered after was the cover of Playboy. ALL part of grooming,” O’Day said on X, formerly Twitter. At the time of writing, three women have come forward with allegations about Diddy. Some of these allegations date back to the 1990s.

Furthermore, O’Day hinted at there being more victims who weren’t able to come forward. “Not everyone that was assaulted, abused, or harassed was able to make that deadline safely with proper protections in place. Or has even begun to come forward. Straight up, if you think this shit being silenced for years only happened once or twice, you are sadly mistaken,” O’Day said in a separate post.

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Diddy Spotted At Miami Home

Meanwhile, new photos published by Page Six appear to show Diddy looking downcast and lost in thought at his Miami home. The images were captured over the Thanksgiving weekend. Diddy appeared to spend the holiday with three of his children, his mother, and the mother of one of his daughters. Furthermore, the images were published just a few days after the Bad Boy Records founder was hit with a third sexual assault lawsuit. Like the other two, the suit was filed under New York’s Adult Survivor Act.

In the suit, the anonymous woman claims she went on a date with Diddy in 1991 while attending Syracuse. However, she alleges that Diddy drugged her during dinner, before filming them while he raped her. Furthermore, she claims that she was later made aware that the video of the assault had been shown to and viewed by multiple people. The wave of allegations against Diddy has come after his former long-time partner Cassie released a series of horrific allegations against him in her own suit.

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