Joe Budden’s Rap Return Might Happen Soon, He Hints

Joe Budden hasn’t picked up the mic in a long time, deciding to further his media career within the culture and impact it positively from that perspective. While his track record isn’t perfect, just like anyone else’s in this field, it’s hard to argue against his knowledge, influence, and idiosyncratic framework through which he views hip-hop. However, the Slaughterhouse MC recently hinted on his podcast that all this might change soon. Moreover, Sunday’s conversation (November 26) saw him and his co-hosts discussed new music that week, including Kanye West and company’s new song “Vultures.” This is where Budden made his return to rap a possible reality in people’s minds.

Speaking on “Vultures,” Joe Budden said that he’s a big fan of the beat behind it, adding that it “fills his music appetite.” As discussion on the track was dying down, this is where he added some fuel to the speculative fire of the future of his rap career. “Don’t worry, I called Just Blaze the other day,” the New York media personality began. “I’m done talking about these rappers. I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it myself.”

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Joe Budden Hints At Rap Comeback: Watch At The 1-Hour & 45-Minute Mark

When one of his co-hosts asked if this was a legitimate return to rap, he had the following answer. “I’ma listen to what Just Blaze has in there that might make somebody want to rap,” Joe Budden remarked. “I’m laying a 15-minute record for sale, $20. It just might be [an] EP but you gonna get this first track for $20.” While he clarified that he doesn’t have any concrete plans, it’s better than nothing. “Whenever that is I don’t want to supe fans up to think that that’s coming soon,” the 43-year-old went on. “Me and Just Blaze have real jobs. That’s what he said. He said, ‘Yo I’m busy with my real job right now.’ Like, ‘Me too!‘ This works out perfectly, great.”

Meanwhile, are you excited for him to potentially return to music? Which one of the “Pump It Up” spitter’s rap rivals do you want to see him trade bars with? However you may feel, drop your thoughts in the comments section down below. As always, stay logged into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Joe Budden.

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