Diddy’s Ex-Bodyguard Disappears From IG After Claiming To Have Witnessed Alleged Assaults

Earlier this month, Cassie came forward with a long list of allegations against Diddy. She accused him of rape, physical and emotional abuse, and more. Shortly after she filed her complaint, they reached a settlement, though Diddy insists it wasn’t an admission of guilt. Regardless, the horrific allegations have left a lasting impression on fans. This has only been compounded as others continue to come out with their own accounts of Diddy’s allegedly abusive behavior.

This week, for example, a former bodyguard of Diddy’s named Roger Bonds shared his experience working for the mogul. He alleged that he witnessed Diddy physically assault Cassie on various occasions. Bonds further accused Diddy of abusing other women in front of him. “I was sick of having to cover up everything that you did,” he’s heard saying in a clip. “I was sick.”

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Roger Bonds Vanishes From Instagram

Now, only days after Bonds spoke out about what he claims to have seen, his Instagram page has been deleted. While it’s unclear why his page was deleted, social media users are speculating. It’s rumored that Diddy could have threatened Bonds, or simply paid him off. Others speculate that Bonds just decided to delete his page due to the traction his claims have gotten in recent days.

Cassie mentioned Bonds by name in her suit, recalling an instance when he stepped in to try to stop Diddy from allegedly assaulting her. “Roger Bonds, tried to stop the beating, but was unable to deescalate the situation,” it read. “When the car arrived at Mr. Combs’ residence, Ms. Ventura attempted to run away, but Mr. Combs followed her and proceeded to again kick her in the face. Ms. Ventura was bleeding profusely, and was ushered into Mr. Combs’ home, where she began to throw up from the violent assault.” What do you think of Diddy’s former bodyguard vanishing from Instagram after accusing the Bad Boy Records founder of assaulting people in front of him? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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