Hosts For 2030 & 2034 Winter Olympics Revealed

The French Alps and Salt Lake City are the “preferred hosts” for the 2030 and 2034 Winter Olympics respectively. The two sites are the first Winter Olympics to be selected under the IOC’s new selection framework. Under these new criteria, the IOC can forgo the traditional multi-bid format and instead engage in “targeted discussions” with preferential hosts. According to a press release by the IOC, the hope is to formalize the two bids at the 142nd IOC session in Paris next July.

Furthermore, the choices mean that five of the next six Olympiads are scheduled to take place in either Europe or the United States. Paris will host the 2024 Summer Olympics, while a trio of Italy cities will host the 2026 Winter Olympics. Furthermore, Los Angeles will host the 2028 Summer Olympics. The only non-Western Hemisphere Games currently on the books will be the 2032 Summer Olympics. That event is scheduled to be hosted in Brisbane, Australia. Both of the previous Olympiads were hosted in Asia. Tokyo hosted the 2020 Summer Olympics while Beijing hosted the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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Michelle Yeoh Joins IOC

It’s been a big year for the IOC, as the organization ramps up toward the Paris Games next summer. However, they also made a star-studded addition to their ranks. Back in September, Michelle Yeoh was one of five people nominated for an IOC membership. These candidates bring added value to the work of the IOC because of their experience and diverse expertise in different walks of life. What they all have in common is their love of sport and their strong belief in the Olympic values and what the IOC stands for,” IOC President Thomas Bach said in a statement. Michelle is a martial arts film legend. However, she earned her Western breakout role in the James Bond film, Tomorrow Never Dies. She became the first openly Asian actress to win an Oscar earlier this year for Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Per ESPN, “The IOC currently has 99 invited members. These include a selection of royalty, sports officials, former athletes and leaders from politics and industry. Their main role in the Olympic movement is confirming hosts for the Summer and Winter Games that were selected by the IOC administration and executive board.” The other candidates nominated alongside Yeoh are Israeli judo medalist Yael Arad, Hungarian businessman Fürjes Balázs, Peruvian volleyball medallist and politician Cecilia Roxana Tait Villacorta, and German businessman Michael Mronz.

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