Doja Cat Drags Amazon’s Alexa On Roddy Ricch’s Behalf

Doja Cat went off on her Amazon Alexa for failing to play Roddy Ricch’s “The Box,” calling the device “f*cking useless.”

has had it with her “useless” Amazon Alexa, after the voice-operated device failed to play ‘s #1 hit, “The Box.” Sometimes, the gadgets that were invented to make our lives easier end up making them ten times harder, and nobody knows that struggle more than Ms. Doja. The rapper found herself in the midst of a major “first world problem” during one of her many Instagram live sessions recently, after her Alexa was unable to follow her instructions. It appears as though  when a clip from the live begins, as she tells her viewers to prepare themselves for the AI’s incompetence.

“Hey Alexa…play ,” she tells the device. “She doesn’t know,” she then quietly says to her phone screen. “She’s f*cking useless. Watch.” A silence follows, and Doja makes another attempt to play the chart-topping smash hit. “I can’t find ‘The Box’ by Roddy Ricch,” Alexa responds, much to Doja’s frustration. “She’s f*ckin’ useless,” she repeats. “She’s so trash.” Doja makes a third attempt at getting the song to play, but Alexa still can’t seem to carry out her request. “Hmm, I don’t know that one,” Alexa tells her. “Oh, b*tch, you didn’t even listen to the whole thing that I said,” Doja exclaims, before explaining how she tragically “has to go through [her] whole phone to play music.”

Doja Cat Drags Amazon's Alexa On Roddy Ricch's BehalfCharley Gallay/Getty Images for Spotify

“I can’t just tell her—that’s the coolest feature and I can’t even do that,” she points out. We feel your pain Doja. It is a little peculiar, considering . You’d think that Alexa would at least be familiar with the 

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