Eminem & Shady Films Invite Fan Submissions for new Stan Documentary

Rap hall of famer and Detroit legend Eminem has put on his producer hat once again, this time in an effort to focus on his fans from across the world in a brand new documentary.

Currently untitled, the documentary, as previously announced, will be focused on ‘Stans’ – Eminem’s original term to denote hardcore fans in the wake of his third single from the 2000 release, The Marshall Mathers LP.

In order to be a part of the documentary, fans of Eminem must head here and fill out a questionnaire that delves into understanding the nature of fandom around the rapper. The questionnaire is designed to explore the fan psyche around Eminem’s legacy, and the extent of his impact on the personal lived experiences of his fans.

From delving into fan’s favorite songs and their associations with it, to introspection and speculation around Eminem’s career break in 2005, the questionnaire seems to be a well rounded inquiry into understanding the ‘Stans.’ The best part? The form allows fans to submit videos of themselves talking about Eminem and the role he has played in their lives, with a promise of potential feature in the final cut.