Remember When O.J. Simpson Made a Rap Song? Here’s a Reminder

O.J. Simpson will be remembered for a number of things as people reflect on his recent passing. But not many people remember the time the polarizing pop culture figure made a rap song.

After O.J. was sentenced to nine years for kidnapping and armed robbery in 2008, the football star left his supporters with a rap song he had recorded called “Get Juiced.” The track was a bizarre bit of rap spectacle to remind his fans that he’ll be OK, and found O.J. comparing himself to a lion and a cartoon character to demonstrate his grit and intelligence.

“Don’t you know there’s no stopping the Juice/When I’m on the floor I’m like a lion on the loose/Better shoot me with a tranquilizer dart/Don’t be stupid, I’m not a Simpson named Bart,” he rapped.

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Where Did “Get Juiced” Come From?

The song actually served as a promotional tool for O.J.’s short-lived prank show Get Juiced. The Punk’d-esque reality show from 2006 had O.J. trolling people, kinda, with hidden cameras capturing the entire debacle. Truthfully, the show just included O.J. dressing up in various costumes and interacting with the public.

His disguises included one as an old man hosting a bingo night, while another was him dressing as an Elvis impersonator and talking with fans who definitely knew it was O.J. dressed as an Elvis impersonator. There was also one instance where O.J. walked around as himself, interacting with people who eagerly called him a murderer to his face.

The show aired as a one-time special on Pay-Per-View on July 16, 2007, before it was repurposed for DVD. “Get Juiced” also came with a NSFW music video, that featured dozens of shots of topless women as O.J. took on different personas as a pimp, rap star and more. The video has since been scrubbed from the internet, but the single itself was quite a going-away gift for O.J.’s fans.

O.J.. Simpson died on Thursday (April 11) after a battle with cancer. He was 76 years old.

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Revisit O.J. Simpson’s rap song “Get Juiced” below.

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