Erica Banks Flexes New Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Erica Banks recently took to social media to show off some new ink. The 25-year-old Texas native posed for a series of selfies, flexing a black butterfly tattoo which now takes up a majority of her neck. According to her, it’s a tattoo that she’s been eyeing for some time, and she seems thrilled now that she’s finally got it. “I always wanted a neck tatt,” she wrote excitedly. “So happy!”

Fans are sounding off in the performer’s comments section, praising the eye-catching new piece. This is far from Banks’ first tattoo, however. She has a variety of tattoos on her arms, the side of her neck, her hands, and more. She even has another butterfly tattoo where her left shoulder meets her chest, which is surrounded by flowers. Ahead of the reveal, Banks took to Twitter to ask followers about their own experiences with neck tattoos, getting a gauge of where she’d be on the pain scale. “Anybody got a neck tatt? How bad did it hurt?” she wondered. Though most who weighed in let her know that the tattoo would probably hurt, it doesn’t look like it deterred her.

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Erica Banks’ New Ink

While the majority of commenters are loving the new piece she’s added to her collection, there are a few critics making their voices heard. Luckily, it appears as though Banks is unbothered by the hate. She seemingly clapped back with a recent Tweet, pointing the finger right back at trolls. “A lot of y’all hate y’all life & it shows on here everyday,” she wrote alongside a laughing emoji.

Aside from her new tattoo, Banks also appears to be gearing up to drop a treat for fans in honor of the holiday season. “Y’all want a Christmas Deluxe EP?” she recently asked followers last week. “Imma basically re-drop my Christmas project, with 2 new songs.” Are you a fan of Erica Banks’ new butterfly neck tattoo? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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