Suge Knight Alleges Akon Once Raped A 13-Year-Old Girl

Suge Knight claims that Akon and his longtime producer, Detail, once raped a 13-year-old girl, who was the sister of one of Knight’s associates. He recalled the alleged incident during an interview with Source magazine co-founder Dave Mays on his new podcast, Collect Call.

“I wasn’t going to bring it up,” Suge began while addressing Akon directly. “[But] one of my homegirls, she was a hustler. She had a little sister — 13 years old. And her best friend was 12 years old. She’s in the car with him. You and Detail call her [Suge’s homegirl]. And she said, ‘I got my little sister and her best friend with me.’ I said, ‘Well, then stop by for a second.’ She go by y’all hotel, in y’all room, and she gets a call. It was the dudes she met at the hotel when she was coming to see you muthaf*ckas.”

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Suge Knight Attends Pretrial Hearing

Death Row Records co-founder, Marion “Suge” Knight, appears at a pretrial court hearing on May 15, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. – Knight is charged with several crimes, including attempted murder and hit-and-run for allegedly ramming his pickup truck into two men, killing one of them, after a dispute on the set of the movie “Straight Outta Compton.” (Photo by DAVID MCNEW / AFP) (Photo credit should read DAVID MCNEW/AFP via Getty Images)

From there, Knight explained that Akon allegedly offered to watch the sister and her 12-year-old friend and ordered them food. Knight continued: “She goes to the next room … she says she comes back in about 35 minutes. When she gets back in the room, her little sister and that other little girl don’t wanna eat. They look scared. And they’re crying. When she gets back in the car with them, they tell her, ‘Akon, you fucked the little girl, 13 — Detail fucked the little girl, 12 years old. Y’all raped them.’”

“So when she told me, I pulled up on her, and she said she’s going to the police to put you muthaf*ckas in jail for rape,” he concluded. “I said, ‘Nah, we don’t do that, telling to the police. I’ll deal with it. I promise you that.’ So I was trying to catch you muthaf*ckas about that situation.” Neither Akon nor Detail have responded to Knight’s allegation.

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