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Fito Páez Talks New Album on 'El Factor Latino' Podcast: Listen

On this week’s El Factor Latino podcast, Billboard editor Leila Cobo speaks exclusively with Argentine singer-songwriter Fito Páez, who recently released his new album La Conquista del Espacio (The Conquest of Space) on March 13.

In celebration of his birthday, Páez typically launches a tour or a releases a new album, and this year was no exception. “Because we have one more under our belt! And we still have a career,” Paéz says about the importance of his birthdays.

La Conquista del Espacio, recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles, includes a surprise collab with rising Argentine singer Lali Esposito. About the collab, Páez says, “Lali is an artist with a level of discipline that’s seldom seen. She’s not afraid of anything. Plus, I called her to participate in a song that’s melodically very difficult.”

Below, listen to El Factor Latino with Fito Páez who talks about the meaning behind La Conquista del Espacio, what his ideal birthday present would be and more.

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