Five Best Adidas Samba Colorways For The Fall

Overall, the Adidas Samba has proven to be one of the best sneakers on the market. This shoe has been going through a massive resurgence, with many trying to get a few pairs for themselves. In fact, some could liken this to the Nike Dunk craze that we saw over the past few years. Although not everyone likes this phenomenon, there are plenty of others out there who just want to get their hands on some dope colorways. Today, we are looking at five offerings that are perfect for the Fall.

Adidas Samba “White/Black”

Image via Stadium Goods

Firstly, we have a color scheme that is pretty well iconic to every single silhouette in sneaker history. A white and black model goes a long way. After all, these are two shades that pair well with anything. Sure, it may lack a little bit of imagination, but who cares? These are essential, and it is no surprise they are among the best-sellers.

“Halo Blue”

ADIDAS Samba OG "White / Halo Blue"

Image via Stadium Goods

Secondly, we have this gorgeous “Halo Blue” model. Overall, the predominant color here is white. In fact, you could say this about most of the color schemes on this list. However, that does not mean these are boring. We get some light blue up near the back heel and tongue. Moreover, the three stripes on the side are a lighter shade of blue, that offers up some contrast.

Adidas Samba “Crystal White/Clay”

ADIDAS Samba OG "Crystal White / Clay"

Image via Stadium Goods

Next up, we have this “Crystal White” and “Clay” offering. Clay shoes are perfect for the Fall season thanks to the neutral brown tones. On these kicks, we get those contrasting beiges and browns that help present a shoe that would look good in some khakis, or even jeans. It’s not your typical white base offering, and a lot of fans will appreciate that.

“Better Scarlet”

adidas Samba OG "White / Better Scarlet"

Image via Stadium Goods

“Better Scarlet” is another Adidas Samba sneaker that starts you off with a white base. However, the key to this shoe is the red three-stripe logo that appears on the side. Overall, this is a great look, and we’re sure fans are going to enjoy it. White and red always work extremely well together, and that rule most certainly applies to this shoe.

Adidas Samba WMNS “Beige/White”

Image via Stadium Goods

Lastly, we have included a women’s sneaker. Once again, this is a model that employs two tunes that always seem to be popular in the Fall. Those two tones are, of course, white and beige. The colors contrast very nicely here, and they come together to form a shoe that is perfect for any Fall wardrobe.

Let us know which of these colorways is your favorite, in the comments section down below.

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