Jason Derulo Addresses Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Jason Derulo is denying all allegations being made against him. In a lawsuit filed on Thursday (Sept. 5) in Los Angeles County Superior Court, upcoming singer Emaza Gibson alleged that Derulo tried to pressure her into having sex with him in order to advance her career. As HNHH previously reported, Derulo “reportedly reached out to her in 2021 after the group disbanded and approached her with the promise of a record deal. The pair worked on music together in a professional capacity which is where Gibson reports Derulo continually pressured her to get drinks with him.” However, Derulo took to Instagram today to address these sexual harassment claims and dismissed it as false.

“I wouldn’t normally comment but these claims are completely false and hurtful,” Derulo said in the video. “I stand against all forms of harassment and I remain supportive of anybody following their dreams. I’ve always strived to live my life in a positively impactful way, and that’s why I sit here before you deeply offended, by these defamatory claims. God bless.” In her lawsuit, Gibson says that back in 2021, Derulo slid into her DMs, offering her a joint contract deal involving him and not one but two record labels—Atlantic and Future History—all for the purpose of creating some musical magic.

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Jason Derulo Denies Allegations

In an interview with NBC News, Gibson continued to speak out. She acknowledged how dealing with Derulo came with strings attached and unwanted sexual invitations. “I’m at this point in my life right now, it’s very heartbreaking,” Gibson told NBC News. “I have anxiety; I’m traumatized. I’ve dealt with inhumane work situations … I’m at this point where I’m back to zero and I have nothing.” Gibson maintains the fact that Derulo selected her as the chosen artist to bring fresh energy into Atlantic’s upcoming project.

Filled with enthusiasm and the belief that Derulo would serve as her mentor, Gibson says she willingly signed the agreement. As this legal battle unfolds, it is critical to allow the judicial process to run its course. In the meantime, Derulo remains resolute in his commitment to supporting aspiring artists and standing against any form of harassment or misconduct. Stay tuned to HNHH for more updates in the future.

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