FLO Dropped A Confident And Spicy New Anthem About The Reasons They ‘Walk Like This’

FLO is kicking off the new year with some new music to get fans excited. The first release since their 2023 EP 3 Of Us, “Walk Like This” is a confident anthem that brilliantly opens with the sound of their heeled boots.

Lyrically, it also gets a little bit spicy, as they declare “There’s a reason I walk like this (I walk!) / Side to side with a sway in my hip.” The band co-wrote and produced it alongside MNEK.

“We made ‘Walk Like This’ with our frequent and loved collaborators MNEK, Ashton Sellars, Kabba, Relyt, and Talay Riley,” the band shared in a statement. “It was the end of 2023 and we wanted to create something sexy, still fun and upbeat, and for the certified lover girl in us all.”

“The song is about that energy you have when you embrace your sensuality and womanhood,” FLO added. “It’s okay to admit a man’s doing well from time to time! We hope it makes you feel confident, a bit naughty, and adds that extra sway to your walk.”

As for what to expect from FLO throughout the rest of 2024, the London-based girl group will be performing at Coachella and NYC’s Governors Ball in just a few months.

Check out FLO’s “Walk Like This” above.