Future And Metro Boomin Confirmed Their Two Joint Albums With ‘We Don’t Trust You’ Arriving This Month

Future and Metro Boomin previously teased that they would have a joint album on the way. Now, the two rappers have officially announced that they are going to have two new ones in store for fans.

The duo’s first album in the series is titled We Don’t Trust You and will drop later this month on March 22. The second, which is currently still untitled, arrives shortly after that on Friday, April 12.

To build even more anticipation for the two records, Future and Metro Boomin released a trailer. In it, they drive through the desert in luxurious white cars, while a voice (reportedly Prodigy) narrates saying there are “a lot of garbage-ass f*cking rappers out here running around” and that “this game is meant for a select few.” There’s also a light piano that plays under the voiceover, which could very well be an instrumental from one of their upcoming songs.

While this will mark their first full joint album, as long as the second, it is far from their first time working together. Metro Boomin produced for Future’s songs including “Mask Off,” while the latter joined Metro’s Heroes & Villains album in 2022 for more collabs.

Check out Future and Metro Boomin’s trailer for their upcoming albums above.

We Don’t Trust You is out 3/22. Find more information here.