Kid Cudi Thought It Was A ‘Funny Thing’ How Cillian Murphy Reacted To His Post About Loving ‘Oppenheimer’


Kid Cudi’s tweet about his love for Oppenheimer actually wound up making its way to the film’s star Cillian Murphy. In a new video for People Magazine, the cast of last summer’s blockbuster, including Murphy, Emily Blunt, and Robert Downey Jr., reacted to posts people were making about it.

“Vision Pro is [fire emojis] gotta watch Oppenheimer on this baby,” Kid Cudi originally tweeted, which was among the ones included by the publication.

However, Murphy didn’t fully grasp that it was Cudi himself who posted it. He also was a little confused about what a Vision Pro was until Downey Jr. explained more about it. Blunt also couldn’t tell whether these were fire or crown emojis at first.

“It’s fire, fire, fire, fire,” Murphy read out loud with each added emoji, while Downey Jr. is bent over and dying of laughter.


Changing our ringtone to #CillianMurphy saying “fire fire fire fire!” 😂🔥 #RobertDowneyJr #EmilyBlunt #Oppenheimer #Oscars #FilmTok

♬ Funny – D’PROJECT

Kid Cudi eventually saw Murphy’s recent reaction video with the cast, when a Murphy fan account tagged him, and truly thought it was the best. “Hell naw hahahaha this is so dope,” he reacted on social media. “We love Cillian over here all day!!”

“The funny thing is i saw that video earlier and didnt even notice my name in the tweet or that I even said that,” he added. “I was just thinkin ‘yea that would be cool to watch that movie on the vision pro’ haha.”

Check out Kid Cudi’s tweets about Cillian Murphy reacting to his method of watching Oppenheimer, along with the original video, above.