‘Funko Fusion’ Brings Together Universal Franchises


Building on the popularity of Funko Pop! figures, Funko Fusion is an upcoming video game that serves as a mashup of Universal’s iconic franchises. The new teaser trailer reveals the collaborative title with NBCUniversal centers around familiar Funko Pop! offerings that will all be playable.

Developed by 10:10 Games, the new UK studio formed by former members of TT Games, Funko Fusion will feature third-person action gameplay recreating iconic scenes in Funko fashion. Characters come from Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Umbrella Academy, The Thing, Child’s Play 2, Masters of the Universe, and many other blockbusters. Although no release details have been shared just yet, we do know that the action-adventure game will be coming to PC and consoles in 2024.

Watch the teaser trailer for Funko Fusion coming sometime next year above.

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