Gino Haze Returns With Charismatic Self-Titled EP ‘Gino Haze’

gino-4 Gino Haze Returns With Charismatic Self-Titled EP 'Gino Haze'

Los Angeles-based artist Gino Haze is showing audiences what he’s capable of with his latest EP ‘Gino Haze.’ The upbeat, catchy project reveals Gino Haze’s talents in a refreshing way that proves that he can stand out and create music in a lane of his own.

The Chicago, IL native knew that he wanted to pursue a career in music since he was young, around the age of 18. He drew his musical inspiration from artists such as Jay-Z and Charlie Wilson and has experimented with different sounds within hip hop since he began his music career.

His newest self-titled release serves as a testament to his talents, displaying his ability to sing and rap on a melody pretty effortlessly. The EP, which is full of songs that offer versatility and multifaceted aspects, is a great introduction to Haze’s talents and unique sound as an independent artist. A few standout tracks include “Ur Favorite Song,” “I Try,” and “How Many Times.” Each track offers something unique to the audience’s ears and sounds different than the prior.

When asked about what he hopes fans take away from the project, Haze responded:

“I just want to introduce myself to those that don’t know me and re-introduce myself to those who knew me,” Haze said. “I hope my fans take away that it’s okay to be on your own time but remember the mission is to level up.

Check out the EP below, and stay up to date with what Gino Haze is doing on social media.

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