GQueTv Announces yet another Album, Drops New Single: ‘Back Outside’


Consistency is key – is a term used amongst many but is rarely implemented in a lot of us humans’ daily agendas. To be consistent is to help establish desired behavior (i.e., habits) and allows you to build momentum over time.

The artist known as GQueTv based out of Cleveland, OH has embodied exactly what it means to be consistent in said music business, with now announcing the release of a brand-new album after dropping a whopping total of 5 projects in this year alone!

You have to admire such work ethic from anyone who devotes high attention and effort to their craft.

Less than 4 weeks later since his latest release titled: ‘Fly Guys go to Heaven.’ GQue is back with the first single ‘Back Outside’ from his new album; ‘As Seen on Tv’. The single samples the 1974 classic from Kool & the gang ‘Summer Madness’. This instrumental has to be the most soul fulfilling record ever, in fact  it was also sampled by the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff’s 1991’s classic ‘Summertime’ which is another timeless song of the ages.

‘Back Outside’ tells a story of summer day and transitions into all terms associated with the season itself, from the women hairstyles to the cookouts on the grill, and takes you on a journey of what summer feels like.

The upcoming album if anything like his previous work will be nothing less than greatness in verbal form. ‘As Seen on Tv’ is set to release on Memorial Day 2023 which gives fans less than a week to digest the single before the album drops. Be clear, GQueTv rise to stardom has begun and the music speaks for itself.

Check Out the new single and more from GQueTv below:

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