Hideo Kojima Unveils New ‘Death Stranding 2’ Posters


Hideo Kojima is prepping to release Death Stranding 2 with a series of new posters.

The developer took to Twitter to further tease the game, sharing the posters of lead stars Lea Seydoux, Elle Fanning, Shioli Kutsuna and Norman Reedus, as well as an in-game apparatus with tentacles visible through the device’s transparent form. Kojima stated in Japanese that the game’s 3D scans were done in the United States and Europe while the motion capture was shot in Los Angeles, and although they shot in Los Angeles, the unique Japanese style of action was recorded in Japan. Furthermore, he confirmed that Kojima Productions and Konami travelled across United States and Europe in accordance to the schedule of the actors, and that the Japanese voice recording will be done by his company.

Check out the posters below and stay tuned for more updates on Death Stranding 2.

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