GQueTv Drops ‘Touch the Ceiling’ Official Video

GQueTv , fresh off the heels of latest album “As Seen on Tv” dropped a video for his early 2023 single “Touch the Ceiling” (feat. YG Cooly and YG Rack$) from Thanks for Nothing album (1/23). The Zaybillions (2xproductions) directed early 2000’s inspired video captures GQueTv, YG Cooly and YG Rack$ in a house party themed setting performing their lyrics in a hyper energetic way.

Shot in Cleveland, Ohio the vibrant nostalgic visual also cameos two social media comedian and influencers Heybert Flexworthy (Comedian and content creator) and thaCrowdPleazer (Time traveler from 2005).

From beginning to end the video captures your attention keeps you intrigued and in wonder what will happen next.

Check out the “Touch the Ceiling” video below and follow for more from GQueTv.

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