Hed Mayner SS24 Gives His Own Unique Spin on Your Typical “Boring Clothes”


Hed Mayner is stepping back into comfort zones, but with his own unique twist. For the Spring/Summer 2024 season, the designer brings to Paris Fashion Week his own flair when it comes to ones typically “boring clothes.”

Those that fall under the category may include a simple suit, chinos, a cotton poplin shirt and a jumper. But, Mayner chooses to see the beauty of normalcy and simplicity by giving it a dramatic makeover. When it comes to creating new shapes, Mayner is not one to shy away form doing so. The way that the pieces fall on the body and how the garment has a character of its own, is a combination of Mayner’s design process to utilize vintage apparel and his signature layering and cutting of fabric.

In this collection, audiences can see a sheer tracksuit, long-sleeve stocking tops with pockets concealed within, as well as two otherwise mundane jackets on their own, glued together to give a minimal yet layered look to the garment. Two shirts to different sizes are stitched together, and pieces are made to wrinkle on purpose. Amongst the pieces, Hed Mayner collaborates with Reebok in footwear and oversized, multi-pocketed technical nylon vests.

Hed Mayner invigorates new excitement to “boring clothes,” breathing new meaning into used garments.

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