Ice Spice’s Next Collab Could Be Pinkydoll, If NPC Streamer Has Her Way

Many artists take years to cross the biggest names on their list of dream collaborators off, but Ice Spice is obviously an exception. Less than a year after she initially blew up, we’ve already seen the 23-year-old work with Nicki Minaj (twice), and Taylor Swift. The latter’s “Karma (Remix)” wasn’t as well received as the Queen of Rap’s two times linking up with the Princess, but still, Spice continues to break records. Seeing as she’s officially made it in the industry, we’re eagerly waiting to see if the “Bikini Bottom” artist plans to work with other artists who are currently on the rise.

One person who’s made it clear that they want Spice to hop on their song is NPC streamer, Pinkydoll. The TikTok star recently ventured into music via a partnership with Fashion Nova that’s set to drop soon. In a video shared on Monday (July 31), she teased what it might sound like if the redhead were to connect with her musically. “Hi guys, it’s your girl Pinkydoll, yes yes yes! You know your girl Pinkydoll see everything on the net,” the social media personality told viewers. “Last time I checked, someone put Ice Spice on my beat as a remix, but my beat is not even released yet.”

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Pinkydoll is Eager to Work with Ice Spice

The screen then cuts to a collage of Ice with Pinky. After a few seconds of music and adlibs, we hear “Deli” from the former’s new Like..? (Deluxe) EP blasting in sync with the beat. “I think we got something here,” the blonde proudly declares. “Ice Spice, I think you and me need to do a collab ASAP! Just picture that,” she adds. In the comments, a surprising number of viewers have already been expressing interest in seeing the unexpected link-up come to fruition. Only time will tell if it actually happens, but with the modern powers of AI, anything is possible.

While Pinkydoll continues to make bank on TikTok, Ice Spice has spent this morning showing off her curves on Instagram. During her latest trip to the beach, the Bronx baddie posed in a white bikini while flaunting a ton of $100 bills for the camera. See her latest photo dump at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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