Drake Concert Attendee Dissed For Using Phone While Standing Feet Away From Rapper

For many Drake fans, the opportunity to experience one of his concerts from floor seats would be a dream come true – one that leaves them unable to take their eyes away from the performance unfolding in front of them. That definitely isn’t the case for everyone at his It’s All a Blur tour, even with the astoundingly expensive ticket prices. During a recent show of Champagne Papi’s, a female attendee caught the internet’s attention with the uninterested expression on her face amid the concert.

As the 36-year-old does his best to entertain the thousands watching on, one of those fortunate enough to be just feet away from him couldn’t stop checking her phone. Near the end of the clip she appears to be capturing a video of Drake singing, but still, social media isn’t letting her off easily. “Why she on her phone?” a TikTok user asked after catching the video. “The girl in the back trying hard to be mysterious ✨,” someone else speculated, suggesting that she thought playing nonchalant would attract the performer’s attention her way.

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Drake Fan Goes Viral for Disinterest in It’s All a Blur Performance

“Y’all getting mad she on her phone not knowing people deal with anxiety differently,” someone else chimed in, giving the anonymous woman some grace. Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a concert patron go viral this month. Just last week, the woman who threw her 36G bra on stage at Drizzy landed herself a deal with Playboy‘s content-selling service.

Drake recently wrapped up an impressive string of shows in New York City, and he couldn’t help but make an appearance at Starlets Strip Club. Not only did the Canadian leave behind Travis Scott’s UTOPIA briefcase, but he also spoke with Sidetalk NYC about what he looks for in a woman these days. Read everything Drake had to say at the link below and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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