Iman Nunez Asks Himself “What’s Next?”

After a cross-country tour to start off 2023, Iman Nunez asks himself, What’s Next? Prior to the two-track project and his tour, he released his prior EP Rosedale, which gained notoriety from various platforms in the tri-state area. The two-song pack “What’s Next?” contains the songs “Growing Pains” featuring Dizzy Banko and “Coast.”

“Growing Pains” focuses on maturing and breaking free from environments that held him down. He opens the song with the lines, “I love your soul but I cannot have you around me. I’m working to be better than I am, and you’re just stuck on who I was so I can’t have you drown me. No disrespect, but we ain’t kids no more and now I got more people I’m providing for…”. Iman raps about his awareness of people watching him succeed on “Coast.” His blunt honesty about his journey toward superstardom is supplemented by his confident flow. Iman states his values as being his family and the bag; anything else that isn’t that is irrelevant to him.

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