J. Cole Unleashes L.A. Leakers Freestyle

J. Cole is warming up.

Just days before his new album The Off-Season drops, the Dreamville rapper stopped by Power 106s L.A. Leakers to unleash a rare freestyle that has been 12 years in the making.

Aint did one of these in so fu**in long, says Cole before flowing over Souls of Mischiefs 93 Til Infinity.

My new crib got the Times Square view to it / My two bitches lay in my bed, Im used to it, he raps. Thats your best friend givin me head, now you do it / See mami its not so weird, after I hit I cut you off like Picasso ear / Van Gogh or whoever / Goddamn Cole, youre too clever / Like a fu**in James Brown sample, youre two ever, times two thats forever.

He continued over Mike Jones Still Tippin. Aint got no time or no patience / For lists they be makin or who they debatin is better / Lets face it, he one of the greatest / No Bill Cosby sh*t but if ni**as is sleepin then f**k em, he raps.

Most ni**as dont understand me, I dont do the Grammys / I be in my jammies on sofa / Most ni**as dont understand me, Ferrari or Camry / I bet I look good in em both.

When the four minutes was up, Cole joked, That shit was fun. Glad I came out the house.

The Off-Season arrives Friday.

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