Japan's Yuzu Opens New Arena With 'Eikou No Kakehashi' Live Stream

J-pop duo Yuzu became the first act to perform onstage at Japanese ticketing and publishing company Pia’s new arena in Yokohama, Pia Arena MM, live streaming their hit “Eikou No Kakehashi” (“Bridge of Glory,” in English) on Friday (July 10).

Pia Arena MM was originally slated to kick off April 25-26 with two concerts by the super duo, but the shows had to be cancelled and the arena’s opening postponed indefinitely due to the pandemic, like most other events and concerts in Japan around that time.

Fast forward a few months, and the pair agreed to perform for a virtual audience, to accommodate the company’s desire that the act open the new Yokohama hall.

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. 地元横浜に誕生したライブ会場「ぴあアリーナMM」。こけら落としとして「栄光の架橋」を歌わせていただきました。 . 4月に行う予定だったライブが中止になってからも、なんとかこけら落としを実現したいという想いで、何度もやり方を模索した結果、この形での披露となりました。 . いつの日か必ず、たくさんのお客さんがいるぴあアリーナMMでコンサートをやりたいです。

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