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Jeevz Darksyde’s New Release “Anon1234” Is A Conceptual Piece Of Music Displaying The Artist’s Vision

Jeevz Darksyde, a producer and rap artist from the UK, just released a new track titled “Anon1234” Staying true to his signature style’s essence, the artist’s new song represents a journey of its own through the simulation. The artist even shared a mind map of the track through his social media, representing the song’s main themes and, interestingly enough, has blank spaces that the artist offers his audience to fill. He also shared some artworks of the release describing them as “an artistic document of a misunderstood villain, and his rocky relationship with a dystopian simulation world that he finds himself questioning more and more.” “Anon1234″makes it crystal clear that Jeevz Darksyde is not just another artist seeking fame, but he seeks meaning and purpose while putting his own artistic vision on display.

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