JELEEL! Changes Up His Sound On “WAHALA!”

JELEEL! is an artist who has been creating a ton of buzz online as of late. Overall, he is someone who has become a truly masterful marketer. If you were to go on TikTok right now, there is a good chance he ends up on your For You Page. His videos typically consist of him showcasing his “Real Raw Energy.” From backflips to kickflips, JELEEL! is a man on a mission. Although his music is marketed as having a ton of energy, there is no doubt that he has a softer side to him.

For instance, the artist had lots of fun on July 4th when he delivered a rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA.” It was yet another example of how JELEEL! doesn’t take himself too seriously. He wants to have fun with his music, and that is what he will continue to do. Overall, he is infectious to watch, especially at festivals. Moreover, he has no problem changing his sound from song to song. For example, his new track “WAHALA!” has an Afrobeats vibe to it.

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JELEEL! Is Back In The Driver’s Seat

Throughout this track, it becomes very apparent that JELEEL! has a voice that is perfect for this genre. His voice is a calming yet assertive presence that just works over the crisp production. If he were to make an album in this style, it would probably sound great. Hopefully, he does just that as his fanbase would probably rock with it without thinking twice.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Deceiver, she want deceive ya
She go damage mi heart, wahala
My body, oh, my body, oh, ore mi, oh, wahala
Lover, me no fit to keep her, she dey play like guitar, wahala
My body, oh, my body, oh, ore mi, oh, wahala

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