Keefe D Says Boosie Badazz Will Get Himself “Hurt” If He Doesn’t Stay Out Of People’s Business

During a recent appearance on The Art of Dialogue, Keefe D shared his thoughts on Boosie Badazz’ online antics. The former Crip, and also the uncle of 2Pac’s alleged killer, claims that if Boosie doesn’t stop weighing in on other people’s business, he could get get himself “hurt.” Boosie’s known to be outspoken on social media, always commenting on or engaging in beef. According to Keefe D, however, he might want to lay off.

“I only gotta say to Boosie: Get you some business, mind your business, and stay out of everybody else’s and you’ll live longer dude,” he explained. “Who stamped you to make you the f*cking spokesman for gangster-ism? You a little b*tch. And stop letting that dude put you in spots like that, dude. Gon’ get yourself hurt.” Keefe D then went on, “You talk about Gangsta Williams, you talk about Gunna, you talk about everybody. Stay out of people’s business, dude. Mind yours and you’ll live longer. Yeah.” “And you always got something f*cking to say,” he also adds. “Who stamped your a**? That’s all I got to say Mr. Boo. Wish you luck on your case brother. And if you don’t get five years, you snitching. That’s all I got to say.”

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Keefe D Tells Boosie Badazz To “Stay Out Of People’s Business, Dude”

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Recently, Keefe D’s also been making headlines after his residence was searched by police in connection to 2Pac’s murder. His nephew Orlando Anderson is widely believe to have been behind 2Pac’s murder, though he was never charged. According to reports, police recovered some bullets at Keefe D’s home, which they took for further testing. Though it’s a long shot that the bullets are related to 2Pac’s death, investigators are holding out hope that evidence recovered from Keefe D’s house “could lead to an arrest or indictment.”

As for Boosie, the father of eight recently revealed that he’s on a new journey of self-improvement. Earlier this week, he shared that he’s signed himself up for anger management classes. Fans are glad that Boosie’s taking steps towards his wellbeing.

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