Joe Budden Speaks On Chingy And Young Buck’s Alleged Relationships With Trans Women

During a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden discussed some recent allegations against Dwight Howard. The pro basketball player allegedly sent some NSFW texts to a male model, requesting that he send him “d*ck pics.” The conversation ended up sparking a discussion on some other allegations that have arisen in the past involving Young Buck and Chingy.

“I give the benefit of the doubt to people that have a special place in my heart, and I’m wrong every time,” Budden says. “Every time I gave it to Dwight Howard, I’m wrong. I gave it to Chingy, super wrong. I gave it to Young Buck — couldn’t be more wrong about that.” He continues, “I gave it to Bobby Valentino, smacked me up in the head again. N***as like f*cking transgenders, that’s the bottom line. When are we going to stop giving entertainers the benefit of the doubt? They be doing that sh*t.”

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Joe Budden Says “N***as Like F***ing” Trans People

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Young Buck claimed to have nearly slept with a trans woman in 2021, though he said he “got the f*ck out of the room” before things went further. “Me, at the time, thinking with my d*ck, I smashed over there thinking I’m gonna smash on this b*tch and walk in the situation,” he explained. Young Buck continued, “It wasn’t even me knowing what the person was at the time, it was me feeling like, hold on, this is a f*cking robbery or set-up because when I realized, ‘Hold on, that ain’t the same muthaf*cka that’s been in the video.’” Obviously, the situation could be handled with a bit more tact, as the language used by most parties involved has been pretty insensitive.

As for Chingy, he claimed that his rumored relationship with trans personality Sidney Starr took a negative toll on his music career. According to Starr, Chingy “didn’t know [she] was transgender,” when he met her as a fan. She went on to apologize for claiming the two of them had a secret relationship.

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