Jerrod Carmichael And Tyler The Creator Sat Down To Discuss An Awkward Text Exchange In Which Tyler Called Him A ‘Stupid B*tch’


Jerrod Carmichael‘s new reality show, Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show has everyone tuning in. In the premiere episode, Carmichael detailed a fairly awkward encounter he had with a famous rapper.

Back in 2021, Carmichael sent Tyler The Creator a text confession his feelings for him. Tyler, however, seemed to receive the confession in a rather unserious manner. Evidently, Tyler responded to the text message calling Carmichael a “stupid b*tch” and laughing.

But Carmichael continued to shoot his shot. He revealed that he later asked Tyler to accompany him to the Emmy Awards, however, Tyler shut him down.

At the end of the episode, Carmichael and Tyler sat down to talk about the encounters. Tyler told Carmichael that hearing him express his feelings was “a lot to download.” At the time, he wasn’t sure how to respond, and even know, he admits he still doesn’t.

“Getting news like that and then avoiding it is a way to avoid change,” Tyler said. “I didn’t think brushing that off and continuing regularly would be such a dent. I don’t know.”

Tyler did, however, say he holds Carmichael in high regard, despite not having romantic feelings for him.

“That’s like a brother,” he said. “That man’s like family.”

You can see a clip from the show above.