Travis Scott Took Us To Outer Space With A Performance Of ‘My Eyes’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Still riding the highs of his fourth studio album, Utopia, Travis Scott paid a visit to Saturday Night Live. While on stage, Scott delivered a chilling performance of “My Eyes.”

During “My Eyes,” Scott set the scene, laying supine on a stage platform, as a space-set background created the feeling of rising into space. As the beat switched, Scott rose up, bouncing to the beat, getting the audience ready for an even bigger performance to come later.

Following a rockstar-level performance of “Fein,” this particular performance of “My Eyes” looked more minimalistic, however, maintained its theatrical feel. And given Scott’s affinity for cinematics, the performance felt like the smaller part of the grand saga that is Utopia.

In an interview with GQ, Scott revealed he originally conceptualized Utopia as a musical. He even consulted playwright Jeremy O. Harris for ideas on how to take it to the stage.

“I was trying to take Broadway—because the thing about Broadway theaters,” said Scott. “They’re kind of small—I was trying to bring the idea of Broadway to bigger venues. Like, either, like, plays in stadiums or plays in arenas, but still make it feel like a Broadway bill.”

You can see the performance of “My Eyes” above.