Travis Scott And Playboi Carti Weathered A Dark Storm In A Performance Of ‘Fein’ On ‘Saturday Night Live’

In his second performance of the night, Travis Scott took to the Saturday Night Live stage, maintaining his rebellious energy for “Fein” from Utopia.

During “Fein,” Scott turned up the energy after a fairly laid-back performance of “My Eyes,” delivering stunning, trippy visual effects. Obscured by smoke, Scott created an ominous feel. Playboi Carti, who features on the song, made a surprise appearance, matching Scott’s theatrical energy as the two shook the room up.

As Scott is known for his expansive sets, he is seeking to improve his artistry and the visual components of his shows and videos.

In an interview with GQ, Scott revealed he wants to get into Harvard to study architecture.

“I’ve always been into structural design and structural engineering and, you know, trying to just build all different type of things, right?” he said. “When you start seeing how odd things can be shaped and then see how they can structurally work, it’s interesting. And I’m always trying to be like an ultimate problem solver. A lot of things intrigue me. Like, I’m doing rehearsals now and I’m always asking questions about even just structural and staging and how it can be built.”

You can see a clip of the performance of “Fein” above.