John Brown Unveils New Track Titled “Dedication, Pt 2” – A Brilliant Track

John Brown unleashes his fine rapping skills throughout his latest release, the incredibly well-built track titled “Dedication, Pt 2.” Born in San Francisco but influenced around the world, John Brown is a versatile rapper and producer, sometimes known under the moniker theBURBSLIFE. Integrating classic sample-based styles with contemporary vibes, JB is building his own sound, as he finishes his latest project WØRLDTØÜRtheALBUM. Make sure you watch his music videos, including 3 new ones released in 2022.

Revolving around truth, authenticy, and straightforwardness, Brown drops his lines in the rawest of forms, the main element that has attracted the masses to his special and unique craft. 

An ambitious and extremely talented rapper, his dedication and unlimited passion is beautifully displayed in “Dedication, Pt 2,” allowing us to foresee major opportunities to come his way this year. 

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