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RK Lakez & Luv Cocaine Team-up On The Outstanding Single “SOLO”

RK Lakez and Luv Cocaine team-up on the outstanding single titled “SOLO.” Starting-off with some beautiful guitar patterns, the duo enters the song in full-force with a textured vocal effect that does wonders in terms of the atmosphere it creates. Both artists have found a special alchemy between them resulting in a truly infectious track set to reinforce their presence in the game as two of the most talented artists of their generation. 

As they share their life experiences, the listener is drawn in a beautiful journey where truth is combined with an astonishingly good sonic design. 

These 4:27 min of pure bliss bring in everything we’d expect from a modern, nostalgic, and lyrically hard-hitting joint, so make sure to get familiar with RK Lakez and Luv Cocaine’s latest masterpiece. 

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