Kai Cenat Reveals Travis Scott Stream Is A Possibility

Kai Cenat is experiencing a huge moment right now and for all of the right reasons. Overall, fans are praising him for his stream with Offset. This 24-hour livestream was incredibly entertaining. He and Offset engaged in some hilarious antics, and fans appreciated every single second of it. There were some gems throughout the stream, and if you watched even just a few minutes, then you probably saw one. That said, a lot more people are tuning into Cenat these days, and they want to see how he may one-up himself.

Once you bring a guest onto your stream, it becomes a competition against yourself to see who is the most famous person you can bring on. Fans are now looking to Kai to have more guests. Overall, his audience would prefer to hear from more rappers. Well, it seems like Kai might be able to give those fans what they want. In a recent livestream, Cenat addressed his fans, noting that it looks like he may get none other than Travis Scott. Although this seems outlandish, there is a reason why he thinks it may happen.

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Kai Cenat Tells All

Simply put, Travis Scott has admitted to being interested. Kai Cenat claims to have met the rapper recently. When they spoke, Scott said that he would be down to come on the air. It remains to be seen whether or not this would be a 24-hour stream. Considering just how big of an artist Scott is, one would have to assume that it would be a much shorter stream. However, it would still be a huge look for Kai. In fact, it is a stream that would have the potential to be one of his biggest.

No matter what, Kai Cenat continues to grow, and it has been amazing to watch. Hopefully, this growth will continue over the coming months and even years. It has been incredible to watch, especially when you consider what a positive influence he has been. Only time will tell whether or not the stream with Travis comes to fruition. Let us know if you want to see it happen, in the comments below.

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