Kim Kardashian Praised For “AHS: Delicate” Performance

Social media has spoken and it appears that fans are digging Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate. The latest season of the horror anthology, which follows an actress’ traumatic and conspiracy-riddled journey to get pregnant, premiered earlier this week. Kardashian plays Siobhan Corbyn, the publicist of protagonist Anna Alcott. There was a fair amount of controversy leading up to the premiere. People doubted Kardashian’s acting ability while others pointed to the fact that she potentially scabbed during the ongoing strikes.

However, now that the first episode is out, people seem to be on board with Kardashian. “Kim Kardashian did her thing. She had the odds stacked against her, but she was really giving actress. Props to you,” one fan wrote on X. “Wait a minute … Kim is actually eating on #AHS,” added another. Despite this, the show itself was not especially well-received. “The #1 thing missing from the #AHSDelicate premiere is RYAN MURPHY. It’s a safe, sound start that lacks AHS’ usual provocative flare. Kim K outacting everyone was the biggest shock so far. This feels like a slow burn with no promise of a raging fire,” lamented one viewer.

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AHS: Delicate Overshadowed By Controversy

However, the new season of the show is not without controversy. As the premiere approached, former AHS cast member Angelica Ross put forward a number of allegations. Ross appeared in two AHS seasons – 1984 and Double Feature. In one set of allegations, Ross claimed that Emma Roberts, the perennial AHS protagonist, made transphobic remarks to and about her. This has led to some serious backlash against Roberts, who plays Anna Alcott in Delicate.

Additionally, Ross claims that series creator Ryan Murphy cost her a role in the MCU. According to Ross, she had pitched an all-black season of AHS to Murphy, who had eagerly accepted the project. While Ross was working on the season, she reportedly turned down an offer from Marvel to appear in the MCU. However, communication about the season eventually dried up, leaving Ross without her AHS season or her MCU role. Are you watching AHS: Delicate? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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