KAM-BU – Are You On [Video]

One of the most innovative newcomers in the UK rap scene, KAM-BU electrifies with both his sonic artistry and consuming vocality on the operatic, compulsive ‘Are You On’. Following a stream of excellent singles, collaborating with underground dons like Lord Apex and Louis Culture, KAM-BU’s new cut elevates his virtuosity to another spectrum, through fearless and cinematic production, striking imagery and ravenous delivery. 

Boasting an excellent sound library, there is an array of different textures and instruments in the supremely unique beat. The ominous strings, off kilter melodic phrasing and abstract engineering that begin the song are soon drowned out; engulfed, attacked, by the booming, destructive depth of the bass, drums and KAM-BU’s ferocious, purposeful delivery. The brutal, wolfish soundscape compliments KAM-BU’s sharp, focused flows, as he bewilders the beat with abrasive complexity and discerning wordplay.

A powerful track with sinister undertones, KAM-BU creates mood and atmosphere in a way few other artists can. Silver-tongued and stimulating, this is a rapper destined for big things. 

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