Kanye West Claps Back At Fans Complaining About How Much He Posts His Wife

Kanye West‘s return to social media has been met with mixed reviews. While he did leave fans hanging by announcing things that he didn’t deliver on in due time, others are just happy to be hearing directly from West more. Some of those with complaints have also taken issue with how often West’s wife Bianca Censori pops up in his posts. She’s been a regular feature in his Instagram especially over the past few months. But earlier today West shared a direct message to those complaining about how often his wife appears on his social media.

In the new video, West is walking through the airport and holding his camera right up to his face while ranting at fans. He can’t help but express his shock at the fact that even though he delivered the album fans were still complaining about how much he posted his wife. In a more wholesome moment, he revealed that the main reason he posts his wife is just that she makes him happy. In a less wholesome moment immediately following, he tells people complaining about his posts what they can do. Check out the video West shared below.

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Kanye West’s Message To Fans About Posting His Wife

Over the weekend, Kanye West released his new album Vultures. It’s a collaborative project with Ty Dolla $ign that features an impressive array of talented guests throughout. The album was first announced back in December before experiencing numerous delays. This is rumored to be just the first in a trio of volumes of the Vultures series being released in the following months.

The project has been met with a divided response from both critics and fans alike. Many have pointed out some of the material on the album that feels relatively unfinished. Additionally, the project sports a variety of controversial lyrics. What do you think of West’s message to fans who took issue with him posting his wife on Instagram? Do you think he’s been posting Censori too much lately? Let us know in the comment section below.

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