Usher Gets A Marriage License While In Las Vegas

In case you didn’t know, Usher was in Las Vegas this weekend. The R&B legend took one of the biggest stages in music on Sunday when he performed during the Super Bowl halftime show. He unpacked a series of hits during a 13-minute show right in the middle of an exciting football game. After his performance the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers played an exciting second half that even went into overtime. Chiefs fans and Swifties alike celebrated when the team scored an overtime touchdown to win the game.

But Usher himself had a pretty busy weekend. It started off with the release of his new album Coming Home on Friday. The project represented his first new release since 2018 and his first new solo project since 2016. He’s also taking it on tour later this year and has been dropping more and more tour dates throughout the weekend. Unfortunately for fans trying to get a hold of tickets, Ticketmaster seemingly had a rough time handling the drop. Fans were met with long queues, sold out tickets, and exorbitant prices while trying to secure their spot to see the “Yeah” hitmaker. Despite his busy schedule, he managed to find some time to get himself a marriage license.

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Usher Secures Marriage License For Himself and Girlfriend

As TMZ reports, Usher used some of his time in Las Vegas to secure a marriage license for himself and his girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea. The R&B singer has walked down the aisle twice before and he may be in for a third soon. As they note, the license hasn’t been approved yet but it’s a pretty significant clue that things could be progressing rapidly.

Usher’s halftime show performance ended up being a star-studded affair. Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and more appeared to sing and rap some of their biggest hits with the R&B legend. What do you think of Usher securing a marriage license for him and his girlfriend? What did you think of his Super Bowl Halftime show? Let us know in the comment section below.

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