Katt Williams Speaks On Beef With Ricky Smiley & Experiences With Harvey Weinstein During “Club Shay Shay” Appearance

Katt Williams revealed just how deep his beef with Ricky Smiley runs during a recent appearance on Club Shay Shay. Williams told host Shannon Sharpe that he found Smiley “so egregious” that he added a rider to his own contract that Smiley would have to wear a dress if the pair worked together again. When their next project together, First Sunday, rolled around, the producers made sure to fulfill Williams’ contractual demand and put Smiley in a dress.

Furthermore, Williams noted that Smiley and Tyler Perry “can’t play a man to save their life”. He used this line as justification for why he demanded Smiley be put in a dress. However, Sharpe seemed unconvinced by the Williams’ response. Despite their beef, or likely because of it, Williams and Smiley never actually shot a film together.

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Katt Williams Claims Harvey Weinstein Offered Him A Blowjob

Someone else that Williams spoke at length about during the show was Harvey Weinstein. “I got canceled for talking about Harvey Weinstein before all the things came out. But Harvey Weinstein offered to suck my p-nis in front of all my people at my agency. I don’t know what do to. I’m thinking I’m the only Black person in the script. But then I get there and there are three other Black guys. And I’m thinking, I told him no so what did y’all do to get here? That’s why when I walk in the room, heads go down. Behind my back, I’m nothing. But to my face? The king has walked in. They know I don’t take no shortcuts. But I get funded…to not talk about what they don’t want you to talk about.”

Williams didn’t say when Weinstein made his offer to the comedian. However, it is the first time that Williams has spoke on his encounter with Weinstein since allegations about Weinstein began to become public in 2017. Weinstein is currently serving a 23-year prison sentence at Mohawk Correctional Facility in New York. While he is currently scheduled to be released in 2043, upon release, he will be immediately remanded in custody and transferred to a California prison to serve a separate 16-year prison sentence. However, this is unlikely to happen as Weinstein will be 91 if he serves his full 23-year sentence.

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Katt Williams Reveals How Petty His Beef With Ricky Smiley Got