Lil Nas X Makes Comeback Official With New Song Teaser, Hangs Out With PinkPantheress

Lil Nas X is someone who has had an exciting start to his career. Although there are debates over whether or not he is hip-hop, there is no doubt that he has cranked out some hits. From “Old Town Road” to “Houdini” to “Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X knows how to make an impact. Overall, he has plenty of massive Billboard hits and his debut album Montero was a truly massive success. Since releasing the project, he has mostly stayed silent, but recently, he has been coming out of his shell.

In fact, Nas X has been teasing a new Christian era. This has gotten quite a few people upset. However, Nas does not seem to care about that whatsoever. Instead, he prefers to poke the bear and get people upset. After all, outrage is a great tool for marketing. So much so that on Instagram today, Lil Nas X came through with an official teaser for his new song. The artist claims the track is coming next week and there will be a music video. Furthermore, Nas X promoted the track with a biblical-inspired comic strip.

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Lil Nas X Is Back

In addition to this recent announcement, it seems as though Nas X was hanging out with one of his contemporaries last night. While taking to Twitter, he revealed that he was hanging out with none other than PinkPantheress. PinkPantheress recently dropped off her debut album, and it was one that is seeing lots of success right now. Whether or not these two have a collaboration on the horizon, remains to be seen. However, we would definitely love to have that someday.

Lil Nas X x PinkPantheress

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