Khemist Mayfield and DJ Jazzy Jeff Say “Night Night” to Challenges

Khemist Mayfield‘s newest song “Night Night” featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff tells the story of transitioning from having issues in the trenches to facing challenges as a superstar. The Philadelphia native blends an assortment of live instruments to bring his stories to life. 

Khemist’s emphatic flow capture listeners when he discusses how he overcomes violence, fraudulent people, and gets into how dope he is as a prominent artist. In the second verse, he states how successful he is as an independent artist and is a new edition to the hip-hop space. “Night Night” is the first single off his forthcoming album A List Of Demands. The album, executive produced by DJ Jazzy Jeff, will release later this year with guest appearances by Bilal, Michael Eric Dyson, Ursula Rucker, Selekta XXX, CJ Johnson (of OH HE DEAD) and Black Buttafly. 

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